The Engineer & The Designer

Chris Neumann

the engineer

Chris Neumann

“In God we trust. All others bring data.”

W. Edwards Deming

What happens when one of the foremost experts in big data teams up with one of Silicon Valley’s best designers?  A recipe for success.  The Engineer & The Designer is a strategic consulting firm focused on intersection of two of the most important trends in business today: data and design.  We work with our clients to leverage the powers of data and design in strategic areas of their businesses to drive meaningful improvements in revenue.

Our founders, Chris Neumann and Gail Yui, have collaborated on numerous projects over the past 10 years, most recently creating DataHero, the world’s first self-service cloud analytics platform (acquired by Cloudability in 2016).  We’ve seen firsthand the value that’s created when you combine the power of data with good design in strategic areas of the business, and now we’re helping our clients to do the same.

“They’ve created a magical product that just works”

– Brad Feld

Gail Yui

the designer

Gail Yui

“Less is more.”

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe